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18 Oct 2011


GeekyBids, home of "The Most Addictive Auctions On The Internet!", with more than 90% discount on awesomely cool gadget like iPad, iPad2,Dell Studio XPS,iPhone etc.

So let's take a look at how it works:

1. All of the items on GeekyBids are brand new and come with the full manufacturers warranty.

2. Each item starts with a a bidding price of just
0 cents. There is no reserve price for the auctions.

3. Every time a bid is placed, the price on the item goes up just 1 cent! When a bid is placed in the last few minutes of an auction, they extend the auction time by up to 10 seconds.

4. When the Countdown clock gets to zero, whoever is the bidder that placed the final bid, wins the auction and can now purchase the item for the price of their GeekyBids! Check out The Awesome Deals People Are Getting on the winners page!

5. There is a small charge for each bid, which allows them to offer the most awesome deals on the internet! You also can get free bids by;
  • Signing-up an account = get 10 bids for FREE

  • Blogging a little bit about Geekybids (as what i'm doing now). After you wrote, inform GeekyBids using contact form on their website ( And you'll get another 50 bids.
Wait no more and register NOW for FREE by clicking here.

More info on GeekyBids,visit their blog at

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