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10 Jul 2007

Tentang PCOS: Rawatan

Most of pcos sufferers will be diagnosed properly before any treatment suggested to them.
For my case, Prof concluded that I've to undergoe laparascopy procedure. Other term used is ovarian drilling (sound unbelieveble?). Alhamdulillah, I already successfully undergoed the procedures on 11th April '07. Don't worry because you're fully unconscious during the procedures. Just ask your doctor in detail if you want to know. This procedure took 1-cm insertion on 3 places below your belly.The procedure took about 3 hours to be finished. After that, I was given 2 weeks MC...

Tq to Semah & Zarid who always 'pakse' utk kite undergoe this
procedure. If not, maybe sampai sekarang still takut... TQ guys...

p/s: Lama x update.almaklumlah dakukan junior dlm dunia blogger nie... :))

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